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What are the benefits to you, the SELLER?

  • All Realtors have the same pool of Buyers
  • Appointing two or more agencies will not benefit you if you think that your property will be exposed to more buyers. Serious buyers will register with as many agencies as possible. It is, therefore, very likely that we all have the same buyers.
  • Want the best price? Buyers should be competing for your property, not the Realtors!
  • An exclusive mandate ensures that all potential buyers will have to negotiate through Jazmax Property Consultants, thereby creating a Platform of Competition.
  • As a seller, would you not rather have buyers competing for your property than a number of estate agents? Estate agents competing against each other may focus only on the interest of their buyer and lose sight of what is best for all parties involved.and most importantly you the Seller.
  • Realtors are responsible to the Sole Mandate
  • Simply put – YOU GET THE SERVICE! Properties signed on a Sole Mandate bases receives preferential treatment and are given priority.
  • Commission Disputes
    • Most agents will not work on an open market basis! One agents may introduce a buyer to your property while another may introduce the spouse of the very same buyer. Both agents might claim to be the effective cause of sale and thus both claim their full commission.
    • This can and does happen but can be avoided by dealing with Jazmax Property Consultants on an Exclusive basis.

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